Criminal Profiling Courses & Classes

A criminal profiler is a person who studies the behaviors and thought patterns of criminals. This person uses all of his or her knowledge to plot moves the criminal is going to make. He or she may also use this information to label a person as being likely to commit a crime.

How to get a job as a Criminal Profiler

The first thing a person will need in order to compete in this field is a few degrees. Unfortunately, there is no degree called a "criminal profiler" degree. The job crosses several fields, including psychology and criminal investigation. The safest thing for a person interested in this field would be to attend criminal profiling classes and criminal profiling courses that cover areas involved in the job. Getting an advanced degree in psychology would help with hiring. Psychology is something that employers would view as a criminal profiling course. Obtaining a degree in criminal investigation is a person’s second best bet. The combined education will put that person ahead of other applicants.

A degree in forensic psychology is as close as a person can get to having a "criminal profiling" degree. Such a degree crosses psychology and criminal justice. A forensic psychology degree program would offer such courses as ethics, psychopathology, interviewing skills, trauma and crisis intervention, and criminal evaluation. All skills are necessary for a person to act as a skilled criminal profiler.

As far as experience, an individual who has put time in working for a law enforcement agency will have a better chance of securing employment than someone who has no experience. Anyone interested in criminal profiling courses should browse the site and take a look at the recommended programs.